About Us / Our Mission

Providing the best ergonomic tools – to manage work time and vacations – complying with Swiss labor law.

Who we are?

We, at SQRD Sàrl, have a passion for creating innovative, simple, effective and well designed software.

We provide software for the major swiss economic sectors: pharmaceutical, banking, HRs.

Why WoTime?

We have experienced the daunting task of getting started to manage time while working with small business owners.

Our conviction is that it should take no more than 5 minutes to anyone to start complying with swiss law and get all your employees on board with time management.

Everyone should be able to get started on time management and comply with Swiss labor law.

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WoTime facts
Project started
January 2016
Original Idea
About SQRD Sàrl
January 2007
Guillaume Bisch
December 2017 (current name, form)
Saint-Sulpice, Switzerland