Know instantly
where you stand
on work and overtime

You don’t need to wait for that Excel sheet anymore.

As soon as an employee updates a timesheets all your dashboards reflect the current state of your company.

WoTime • Work and overtime report

What makes WoTime easy to use

No installation required
WoTime can be used from a desktop, tablet or mobile phone and from any web browser.
Designed for remote work
Use WoTime from your work desk, from home and on the go. It's all the same.
Track who is doing what. Never overlap leaves again.
Vacation requests
Managers validate vacations. Employees can view their vacations at any time.
Real time counters update
Know instantly where you stand on work and overtime.
Partial Time
Sometimes life is messy, work weeks need to be adapted and we got you covered
Full audit trail available
WoTime keeps a journal of all the changes for full auditability.